Hallihallo, dear Pugs-Enthused and – Of Course – all other Fans


I, Chimney Lorenz, né Ulithi’s Carlos, saw the light of the day together with my 6 sisters and brothers in Oelde, Germany on October 16, 2005.

Besides my human parents – Mrs. and Mr. Dr. Hupe – my mother Nancy, together with a lot of aunts and uncles, took very special care of my bodily and above all social welfare.

Result: a very excellent and extremely memory-dignified and well-balanced puppy-time, I very much like to remember and especially our daily playtimes sometimes resulting in a sort of relationship power struggling.

On January 14, 2006 2 ladies – middle- and beginning middle-age visited us. First of all I started to nose them since I was simply unable to deny their interest particularly in my “person”. They both brought along a peculiar flavour which I immediately associated to my older housemates, Abbigail, Baghira and Buddy. Both ladies’ very numerous invitations starting to play resulted in a sort of violent temper of myself. Unbelievable – their fulminant ideas to bring me out of my shell. Pretty tired I did not realize their saying good-bye …. But oh heaven’s sake – the next day they returned in three, that means Alice – my so-called cradle-snatcher came along with them – and I fell in love with her at my very first blush. Her uniqueness simply made me crazy and one sleepless night after the other followed (nowadays it is quite popular that senior ladies like younger lovers especially on the international parquet – only an emphasis regarding my tremendous self-awareness.) I only felt a little bit astonished about Alice being somehow shaky on her legs --- but no problem at all – things are right again and “Queen Mum” (my petname) is sitting in her buggy. (In case I really do not like to walk after or better during these daily forced marches I simply slip into – and social - this is Alice’s speciality but not as eating is concerned – I am also driven or better rocked by either of my two “mums” in the hereabouts of our town Steinfurt.) I like this particular promenades very much and feel extremely well and even much better like Pasha Lorenz.

For donkey’s time, on weekends, and above all to my very great regret I often have to leave my cushions very early in the morning. We then drive a lot of kilometres to different exhibitions with pugs but also with a lot of interesting quadrupeds – dogs of course. I very much like the ambience but the judge’s scrambling my sanctum and having a look into my mouth is more than ugly and tingly. But I am very, very proud when they fasten a loop to my necklace but – also in case of non-winning my 3 mums cuddle me, kiss me and I think you are well aware of the remaining tondlings. I would very much like to get to know to the difference – whether a looser or a winner!!!!

Well, nevertheless a little novel.
Kindly sign or even write a note into my guest-book perhaps resulting in making an appointment for a personal that means puggy and/or doggy becoming acquainted.

Yours Chimney Lorenz - Ulithi’s Carlos - with cradle snatcher Alice and, of course, my two mums Caroline and Daniela.


Now I am 4 years old and tell the second part of my life-story:

Since November 6, 2007 I am the only dog in the Lorenz Premises, since my cradle-snatcher Alice died after having been seriously ill. She reached an age of 13 years and 2 months and is now in the “pug-sky” since 8.30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. She will always and forever have an important place in my heart.

Lonely days full of tears, sadness and memories followed, but unbelievable my life changed on June 25, 2008: After thousand of words and a lot of stops and goes my little brother arrived at Münster’s Airport at 11.30 p.m. coming from Alicante via Palma de Mallorca. Due to his puppy weight he was allowed to have a place in the cabin in his puppy box. He is a very smart boy with a lovely coat, dark brown eyes and I liked him from the very beginning. Directly on his arrival my live changed into paying attention that he doesn’t always call the first tune. Jealousy is now my main problem and fishing for compliments gets the first priority. Eating has never been one of my favourites and I often give privilege to this little boy. By the way his name is Donnymoor Out of Time – but we call him Twyler.

All other proceedings like leaving the cushions early in the morning, long-distance journeys by car, exhibitions and shows are exactly the same.

The only disgusting problem is that it took quite some time before this dwarf was able to control his pipi and stinking machine to the best of his ability. Very often I have been suspected to be “unclean” and went mortally offended into my bed. I think this is the reason for my being mutated to a real squeal aunty.

Bye for now and all the best
yours Ulithi’s Carlos and my little brother Donnymoor Out of Time = Twyler


For Heaven’s Sake!!!!

Since September 10, 2009 my two mums seem to be absolutely crazy:
In the course of the afternoon both Twyler and myself have been put into our car and we drove, drove, drove and drove a lot of kilometres with a very interesting exchange of SMS during the car ride and – unbelievable we stopped at a filling station and our little new brown brother – a Brussels Griffon slipped out of his puppy box and since then is our new member of the family.

His name is ULDUKAS DIKSILENDAS, but to simplify this hardly to pronounce name we call him E.T. Indeed he really looks a little bit like an alien and he tries every day and every minute to dishearten us. The noises he uses to make and his super nervousness get very extremely on our wicks, but he is soooooo sweet, cuddly and self-conscious, that we can do nothing but like and love him very much.

Let us wait and see how things will develop and whether he will have a place in the exhibition events.


More News at Pugs and Griffons of Suttonbridge

Both my two mums decided out of the blue to give home to our two new sisters formerly at home in the Spanish Kennel Donnymoor Pugs – the breeder of my little brother Donnymoor Out of Time.
Their names are:

Donnymoor Mamma Mia, called Mia
Donnymoor She Drives me Crazy, called Dotty (mother of Twyler)

I am very astonished having to share my beds, my eating and water bowls, my toys but above all attention and fondle times of my mums with my “none-lifting legs sisters”. Very often I draw their alertness to my person by means of special barkings and/or paw attacks…. and are in the most cases very successful.

How this story will continue - of course I have pug puppies in mind - is a big secret; but be assured, I will keep you informed. I for myself and my brother Donnymoor Out of Time = Twyler, we both are or will be ready on the spot and are both looking forward to start a family.

Main thing is that we all remain healthy, alive and kicking and that our mums will continue to let us enjoy such a wonderful pug life both in their premises and garden.


It seems to be a never ending story!!!

Goodness gracious me….. again something new:

On March 11, 2010 my two mums were unable to sit on their bottom for more than five minutes, because still another new housemate came into our domain: a Petit Brabancon named UNIVERSE BEST ANGELITE, but we quite simply call him J.R.

His coat is as smooth as a baby bum, his colour is black and tan and he is so unique and above all self-conscious – just a real Macho, but for sure - everybody’s darling. He is already 9 months old and will and has, of course, to participate in our totally stressful exhibition and show life.

I, for myself and together with my sisters and brothers, we all will keep our doggy paws crossed regarding luck, success, healthyness and patience for him.


Now We Are Indeed A Family

I think a fairy-tell….. during my after-lunch nap on Saturday September 18, 2010 the first babies have been borne in the Lorenz – premises:
2 charming delightful little girls named:

Any Croatian Sacrifice of Suttonbridge and
Anyhows Croatian Love of Suttonbridge.

Dam: Donnymoor Mamma Mia (Mia)
Sire: Donnymoor Out of Time (Twyler)

Mia did a perfect job in getting the babies without any auguries and difficulties and I for myself really “overslept” the whole event.

Now life for all of us changed as follows:
Eating, wee-wee, stinky-stinky, eating, wee-wee, stinky-stinky…
and I – being head of the dog-family – have to pay attention regarding the rest of the family.

I sincerely hope, that our common daily walking tours and above all fondle/petting units will not be limited or totally cancelled…. this would be more than a disaster.

Bye – bye for now
Ulithi’s Carlos ( Chimney)



At Long Last Fatherhood Joy

Hard to believe ---- but really true:

Since Thursday September 30, 2010 I am a more than proud sire of 2 boys and 5 girls.

My wife Dotty (Donnymoor She Drives Me Crazy) maddened be at the end of July and bewitched myself to give a lot of love to her…. and please listen, read and get flabbergasted, she - that is we - have been successful, which means

7 little babies, so sweet, so clumsy, so stressful have been borne – that I have difficulties to understand they will be real pugs at some time in the future.

During the whole day my human mums and of course my wife are extremely busy in taking care for these little always hungry mouths.

We, the boys, I, Chimney for myself, Twyler, E.T. and J.R. have to pay hellacious attention not being buried in oblivion and there is the question:

When will these 7 babies will be teenies are even grown-ups?????

All the best
Yours very proud Daddy

Ulithi’s Carlos (Chimney)



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